AngryJoeShows Angry Rant – Haven’t you ever felt that way?

Yes, he put words to exactly how I feel. I feel the same way about another company, but still the same concept. Some big rich company that I have sent loads of dollars to that just block me for no reason at all other than association. And no response, no explanation from the big rich company even though I sent mail asking for an explanation. So many people get shut down every day, not because they have done something wrong but because some bots have misunderstood their content or some competitors have targeted them.


Promote yourself

It is a hassle to try and promote yourself, I’m really crap at that. All this pinning, tweeting and facebooking makes me want to…

I’m sure I’m going to get an injury just by clicking like a crazy person. As a small and insignificant person it is not easy to be seen in the big world and online it is even worse. I wish I just could climb up on a mountain and shout for a bit and it would all be sorted. But shame on the one who gives up!

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Animals… glass of course!

When I was a kid there was a guy working with glass in a fair in Stockholm. He was making the most adorable little glass animals and loved to watch him work. My parent had to drag me away from his little shop every time. I would rather watch him handling the hot glass then ride carousels.


The man in the glass shop was one of my main influences starting with lampwork. I still have some of his little animals in my collection.


So of course I love to make animals when I work with glass most of all I like making fishes and turtles for some reason. The fishes because of the awesome possibilities to use sweet colors when I do the fins and turtles mostly because they are so damn cute.


The other day I got asked why I don’t do butterflies and today I got requests for elephants and dolphins. An elephant I think I can do and possible maybe a dolphin too. BUT a butterfly… not so sure about that one. I really need to spend some time in my studio to see what I can create!


Have a really awesome weekend!

Why are there so many colors?

Oh, dear, oh, dear…

 Why are there so many colors? 

I have to order some new glass and I am just sitting here with the worst decision anxiety ever. I usually have a clear picture of what I want in life but when it comes to colors there are way too many choices! I just want them all! 

With colors comes the great possibility to create whatever you can think of and I really don’t know what I’m going to feel like doing in two weeks from now. That is the worst part with living in a country without decent glass stores. I wish I just could go to a store and pick and choose but no… now I have to plan an order and wait for it.

 So my next plan in so move near a glass rod factory, maybe even live in their storage room? That would be awesome, surrounded by colors and beautiful glass!  😉

More tiny pictures

I need more then one neck! I want to wear more than one necklace at the time. I am hopelessly in love with more then one of the awesome super cute picture pendants that came out of the tiny picture project. Not that I’m biased at all… because I kind of helped.  😉

 But here are some of the pendants.

Island Glass Pendant

Keep Calm And Recycle


Here you can find even more pendants! Go Bazinga!

Tiny, tiny paintings

I have been helping a friend to make glass pendants and for that i was assigned to make tiny little pictures. It was really enjoyable to make the small pictures but the result was unexpected. Things that you thought would look great under a magnifying glass turned out to look like… well not crap… but not as good as you intended. And other pictures that you have none or very little hope for turn out splendid. So now back to making more pictures and I keep you posted soon with maybe some nice pictures.

All the best!

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